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Protect your investment by managing your secure USB drives

From a quantitative risk analysis perspective, a central management system provides numerous benefits. It drives down the costs of lost work by enabling backup, and it limits device waste by maintaining an automatic detailed inventory of every device in the network. A central management system not only saves organizations money, but it also helps them improve control over and support of their private data.

Use managed secure USB drives for transportation of portable data


A consultant is delivering a confidential presentation on a secure USB drive to a customer site. The drive’s safety technology will ensure the confidentiality of the sensitive presentation. He leaves the customer site and notices upon return to his home site that the device was lost in transit. Since the device is managed by SafeConsole, the administrator at the consultancy issues a factory reset state command to the lost device, thereby permanently destroying all the data on the device.

Share your work without compromizing your password


A salesperson can store a sales-pitch separately on a secure USB device protected temporarily with a PIN. The main secure storage area, which houses confidential pricing strategies and quote drafts, is never exposed to the audience.

Distribute files to remote USB drives


A project manager working on a sensitive project involving multiple companies is provided with a folder shortcut on his desktop. Files added to this folder will be securely distributed through a secure tunnel over the Internet onto the project team members’ authenticated, secure USB drives upon unlock.

Work from home efficently with a managed USB


As part of a contingency plan, an organization pushes out a portable virtual workspace to select users. In case of an emergency, such as a pandemic, the workspace will allow users to work securely from home off their unverified home computers and still connect securely to the organization’s system.

share documents with co-workers


Time literally is money at law firms, and USB device users at law firms may perceive security features on USB devices as roadblocks on their path to productivity and billable hours. Devices can be configured to unlock automatically, using an embedded certificate within the protected device user’s individual account, thus saving time and frustration.